Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Vision

To see a healthy interactive relationship between science and Christian faith within the Australasian community.

Our Mission

To develop and advocate a Christian perspective in the science-religion dialogue within the science community, the Christian community and society generally in the Australasian and international communities.

Our Core Values

Christian commitment
We affirm the Gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in the Bible and outlined in the Nicene Creed as central to our faith.

Scientific commitment
We are committed to rigorous scientific and technological research; particularly the insight this gives to our understanding of our Creator and the benefits it brings to our planet and humanity.

Moral accountability
We are committed to understanding and working within the limits of our knowledge and seek to minimise the adverse impacts of the application of our science and technology.

Biblical interpretation
We seek to interpret the Bible within the mainstream evangelical tradition while respecting the stance of others.

Theological and academic safe space
We will encourage people to be free to explore new areas of discovery without fear of unfair or inappropriate criticism or theological ostracism.

Mode of debate
We seek to speak the truth in love and firm humility while being open to new ways of thinking and without rejecting the insights of the past.