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Science and Christianity by Chris Mulherin  book cover

ISCAST Executive Director Chris Mulherin has written an easy-to-read introduction to science and Christianity. It is written for students, teachers, clergy, parish groups and interested lay people.

The public launch of the book in Melbourne was on November 7th. The text of Bp Shane Mackinlay's launch text as well as Chris's reply, along with Rev. Philippa Lohmeyer-Collins' prayer for the book's usefulness can be found in this PDF document.

The book is available to order through ISCAST for $35 (free postage within Australia).

On October 1st, the 2019 Tony Morgan ISCAST Lecture was presented by Dr Henry Fritz Schaefer, speaking on “The Big Bang, Stephen Hawking, and God”.

Congratulations to ISCAST fellow Mark Worthing for winning the 2019 silver award by ARPA (Australasian Religious Press Association) for

ISCAST Fellow Andrew Sloane has recently published an article on resurrection as both a spiritual and scientific phenomenon, and what it means to engage with the concept of death as a person of faith.

ISCAST fellow James Garth spoke on "Science and Faith: Enemies or Friends?" to a large crowd of young people recently at St Hilary's Anglican Church in Melbourne.

Eternity News recently interviewed Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis and asked ISCAST
Executive Director Chris Mulherin for a response.

ISCAST distinguished fellow Denis Alexander talks about whether there is purpose in biology and in life, in this podcast with Natasha Moore at the Centre for Public Christianity.

Randy is a friend of ISCAST having visited us (the ISCAST Vic committee and Mark Worthing in Adelaide) about this time last year.

Denis Edwards: 10 December 1943 - 5 March 2019.

ISCAST notes with sadness the passing of Denis Edwards on 5 March 2019.

This is the extraordinary story of Sub-Saharan Niger, one of the world’s poorest countries, and the reforestation of an area the size of Tasmania through Farmer Managed Natural Revegetation (FMNR).

The February issue of the ISCAST Digest is now available to download. The Digest is full of fascinating stories and resources including ...

NASA has published an article concerning a recent study about the recent increase in global leaf area – and humanity's involvement therein.

We are delighted to announce the release of the latest 'meddlesome' volume from ISCAST Fellow Ian Harper.

If the publisher's description is anything to go by, it sounds like required reading!

Ranjit A. Thuraisingham 

ISCAST Fellow, Emeritus Professor Michael John Knight was made a Member (AM) of the General Division of the Order of Australia th

ABC Radio National program God Forbid (Feb. 3 2019) includes ISCAST fellow Mark Worthing talking about artificial intelligence (AI).

Our friends in New Zealand have advised us of the Science and Theology track at the upcoming ANZAT

The November issue of the ISCAST Digest is now available to download. The Digest is full of fascinating stories and resources.

Download Volume 10, Issue 4

This book will assist in creating a conversation on how to discuss the issues of science and faith, especially creation and evolution, in an open and honest way.