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Aug 01

Why don’t Christians want to talk about evolution? Reflections of an evolutionary biologist in a time of COVID.

*This event is now completely online!*

Reconciling evolutionary biology with Christian faith has been a source of fear and even grief for many Christians. Does it have to be this way? Join us online or at St Mark's on August 1 for a double presentation and an extended Q&A as we talk about the nature of science, the nature of evolution, and the relationship of science to Christian faith.

Aug 25

This year's annual Science Week at the Cathedral (St Paul's Anglican Cathedral in Melbourne) will feature the revolutionary work of Australian missionary agronomist Tony Rinaudo.

Millions of hectares of Africa have been regenerated through Tony's work, which now promises to be a significant part of the solution to climate change.

Science Week at the Cathedral is a partnership between St Paul's and ISCAST.