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Audio mp3 file and pdf of PPT slides of the lecture are available for download now


Lecture PDF file of PPT Slides, 2 per page: download pdf [ 3.0 MB ]

Lecture: download mp3 [ 16.3 MB ]

 In this Facebook age of “friending” anyone and everyone, it is incumbent on the church to articulate a rich and accessible theology of friendship for the world. Dr. Brian Edgar [fellow of ISCAST] has done it in God is Friendship: A Theology of Spirituality, Community and Society. The book explores friendship as spiritual formation, as the life of the church, and as a public good.


A review of the DVD "Exploring the God Question: Science, God and the Search for Truth"

"Exploring the God Question is a six-part documentary with accompanying group study material that explores the scientific evidence for and against God. This is a high production value series aimed at a wide audience, which challenges the viewers to decide for themselves whether God exists. A three-part version has also been produced for TV. The six part study version is reviewed here.

A review of Rodney Holder's "Big Bang, Big God"

"The development of the Big Bang theory is an example of how faith responses can contribute to the scientific discussion in a positive way. Rodney Holder, an Anglican priest and former cosmologist, has contributed to this conversation for a number of years. He has just published a new book, ‘Big Bang Big God: A Universe designed for life?’ that aims to bring the debate to a wider audience."...


Audio mp3 file and pdf of PPT slides of the lecture are available for download now

Lecture PDF file of PPT slides, 2 per page: download pdf [1.3 MB]
Lecture: download mp3 [10.4 MB]

Book and Seminar videos

Controversies about science and faith - especially debates about creation and evolution - continue to engage Christian teachers and pastors. How do they deal with such questions and respond with answers that are both informed and intelligent?


Professor Graeme Clark
17 September 2012



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