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Audio mp3 files of Chris Mulherin’s lecture and the Discussion session following it and a pdf copy of his illustrated lecture transcript (with slide images) are available for download now.

Lecture: download mp3 [14.8 MB] and Discussion session: download mp3 [9.1 MB]

Illustrated Lecture Transcript: download pdf [286 kB]

Many of you will have met Chris Mulherin, our Executive Project Officer, who has started visiting the ISCAST Chapters. He has also sent out emails describing what he has been doing.

He has made a considerable difference in raising our ISCAST profile and has shown how effective someone of his calibre can be. Currently, at the Board's request, he has locked himself away to complete his PhD thesis on science and religion although he will make an appearance from time to time.

 Audio mp3 files of Dr Jonathan Clarke’s lecture and the Q & A session following it and a pdf copy of his PowerPoint slides at either 1 slide per page (1pp) or 2 slides per page (2pp) are available for download now.

Audio mp3 files of Karin Sowada’s lecture are available for download now, with an abridged and revised pdf of her PowerPoint slides.

A new appointment

In February 2014, Rev. Chris Mulherin was appointed one day per week to the role of Executive Project Officer for ISCAST. Chris says:

In an increasingly globalised secular scientific culture the cutting edge of Christian engagement is the conversation about science and faith.

Audio mp3 file and pdf of PPT slides of the lecture are available for download now


Lecture PDF file of PPT Slides, 2 per page: download pdf [ 3.0 MB ]

Lecture: download mp3 [ 16.3 MB ]

 In this Facebook age of “friending” anyone and everyone, it is incumbent on the church to articulate a rich and accessible theology of friendship for the world. Dr. Brian Edgar [fellow of ISCAST] has done it in God is Friendship: A Theology of Spirituality, Community and Society. The book explores friendship as spiritual formation, as the life of the church, and as a public good.


A review of the DVD "Exploring the God Question: Science, God and the Search for Truth"

"Exploring the God Question is a six-part documentary with accompanying group study material that explores the scientific evidence for and against God. This is a high production value series aimed at a wide audience, which challenges the viewers to decide for themselves whether God exists. A three-part version has also been produced for TV. The six part study version is reviewed here.


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