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Date: Thursday 6th Nov 2014 at 7.30 pm.
Speaker: Rev Chris Mulherin, BEng, BA, MSc, BD (& PhD candidate)
Lecture Title: “Christianity and Science: a vital 21st century conversation”
Venue: Main Common Room, New College, UNSW.

Christians in Science have had a couple of big book orders in the last few weeks - it's so good to be able to resource you as you think, pray, and talk your way through lots of science-faith topics! There's still stock left though, you can find it at and email Emily on



Cambridge palaeobiologist Simon Conway Morris explains why he accepts evolution and how he reconciles it with belief in a creator God.


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An interesting article on palliative care on

Palliative care has its modern roots in the UK with the establishment of St Christopher’s Hospice in 1967 by (Dame) Cecily Saunders. Saunders had become concerned about poor medical care being provided to dying hospital patients. With the developments occurring in medicine at that time, the focus had shifted away from the needs of those who could no longer benefit from the evolving technology and life-saving treatment.

An article on The Conversation by Chris Mulherin

John Long provoked a comments barrage on The Conversation last week after defending the theory of evolution in the face of creationist views. Unfortunately, while some of the comments were thoughtful, others were dogmatic statements of position, mostly against vaguely and misunderstood “creationism”.

Date: July 2015 and July 2016

The seminars will focus on the need for participants to develop the interdisciplinary skills and understanding central to the field of science and religion, within the unique setting of Oxford.

PROFESSOR PETER HARRISON, BSc, BA (Hons), PhD (Qld), MA (Yale), MA, DLitt (Oxford), FAHA


(also being supported by ISCAST – Sydney)

Theme: The Poor You Will Always Have With You: Tapping the Wisdom and Knowledge of the Poor to Explore Ways to Address their Needs

Presenter: Bill Walker

Time: 8:00pm 15 November

Venue: Camberwell East Baptist Church


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