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Parkinson's disease and faith. A talk given by Revd Prof Alasdair Coles



Simon Smart interviews Tom McLeish on how science tips him towards faith, and living with open questions.




Logos Live Free event
Date: Wednesday March 2, 2016.
Time: 12.30pm - 1.10pm
Topic: An invitiation to Richard Dawkins: Can we live by science alone?
Speaker: Rev. Chris Mulherin ISCAST Executive Officer
Venue: Telstra Conference Centre (Level 1, 242 Exhibition St, Melbourne)
Cost: Free
For decades, the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus was mainly seen in equatorial regions of Africa and Asia, where it caused a mild, flu-like illness and rash in some people. About 10 years ago, the picture began to expand with the appearance of Zika outbreaks in the Pacific islands.
Technology cannot keep pace with theoretical predictions about subatomic reality coming from physics. The same applies to our ability to observe the far reaches of the universe.



Twelve scientists reflect on how faith influences their work.




Nature's witness: how science inspires faith

A TEDxEdina talk by Daniel Harrell


Modern science's Christian sources: exploding the persistant myth that Christianity impeded the growth of science / by James Hannam



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