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Who are today's science rockstars? Jade Lovell reports from VidCon.




Date: Thursday 6 August, 2015. 6pm
Topic: Unpacking Pope's call to action on climate change
Speakers: Rev. Prof. Denis Edwards (ISCAST Fellow), Bp Peter Comensoli, Ms Jacqui Remond, Mr Paul O'Callaghan
Venue: Ryan Auditorium, Level 4, James Carroll Building, ACU, North Sydney
Live stream: Streamed live at from 6pm AEST
Over 1,000 AI & robotics experts call for ban on autonomous offensive weapons.




An interesting link for ISCAST readers. 15 Questions about science and religion, answered.
Questions include: How can evolutionary psychology inform the science and religion dialogue? Can science ever replace religion? Why should scientists care about religion?



The inventor of the bionic ear has revealed new Australian university trials that could help with treatment of paraplegics, epileptics and also dramatically improve the bionic eye implant unveiled in the UK last week.



A website that may be of interest to ISCAST members, Skeptical About Skeptics.




Astronomers have spotted the closest thing yet to the first true 'Earth twin' - a small planet orbiting the bright star Kepler 452, at a distance where liquid water could exist.



On Christmas Day 2014, the Wall Street Journal published a provocative piece by Christian thinker Eric Metaxas, arguing that the extraordinary odds against life existing on another planet supports an inference to intelligent design. The article has since gone viral on social media and provoked considerable discussion and criticism. Aerospace engineer and Fellow of ISCAST James Garth weighs into the debate.



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