Latest Journal Items

Christian Voices in the Environment Debate
Richard W. Gijsbers, November 2016



A review of Michael Denton's book
'Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis"
Will Jones, July 2016


Will Jones is a mathematics graduate with a PhD in philosophy who is involved with two social theology projects in the UK.


A review of Richard Swinburne's book
'Mind, Brain & Free Will'
Andrew Wood, April 2016



Seeking sustainability – an example from Australian agriculture
Ross H Macmillan, March 2016



Contextual Approaches in the Dialogue between Theology and Science and their Implications for Understanding the Development of Doctrine
Edwin El-Mahassni, March 2016.


A review of David Wilkinson's book
'When I pray, what does God do?'
John Pilbrow, January 2016




The presupposition of science-based atheism
Jonathan M. Hanes, November 2015




Do we have a 'God Spot'? Is our faith determined by our brain architecture?
Andrew Wood, October 2015.



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