The Dawkins Letters - Book Review

Review of David Robertson's book 'The Dawkins Letters: Challenging Atheist Myths'
James Garth, February 2009.


Science and Faith - the Intersection

St. Paul's Cathedral, February 8, 2009
Professor John Pilbrow


Editor's Column

The ISCAST Online Journal Editor's Column
Bruce Craven, October 2007.


Alan Gijsbers, November 2008.


The Great Global Warming swindle: a response

The Great Global Warming swindle: a response
Ian Hore-Lacy, July 2007.


Faith, Hope and Doubt - Lecture Review

Review of George Ellis Backhouse lecture, ‘Faith Hope and Doubt in times of uncertainty'
Alan Gijsbers, January 2008.


The Bible, Protestantism and the Rise of Natural Science - Book Review

Review of Peter Harrison's book, The Bible, Protestantism and the Rise of Natural Science
Allan John Day, April 2003.


Rebuilding the Matrix - Book Review

Review of Denis Alexander's book Rebuilding the Matrix: Science and Faith in the 21st Century
Allan John Day, April 2003.


Genesis 1-3: Science? History? Theology?

Genesis 1–3: Science? History? Theology?
J A Thompson, September 1996


Does God Interact with his Suffering World?

Revd Dr John PolkinghorneThe Rev Dr John Polkinghorne presented this lecture at St.Andrews University on 9 October 2008 as one of the James Gregory lectures, a series of presentations from eminent international speakers promoting open dialogue and exchange of ideas on manny intriguing points of contact between Science and Religion.



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