An outline of the Test of FAITH course

An outline of the Test of FAITH course
Peter Barry, April 2010.


Prof Peter Barry: An outline of the Test of FAITH course on science and Christianity was held on Monday, 19 April 2010, 7.30 pm; at the Physics Library (Room 64), Old Main Building, UNSW.

Emeritus Professor Peter Barry, who is also a Conjoint Professor in the School of Medical Sciences at the University of NSW, has been interested in the relationship of science and the Christian faith throughout his academic career.

Abstract: The Test of FAITH course on science and Christianity was developed by the Faraday Society in the UK, and is provided with a number of tools and resources for use for small groups to explore Science and faith issues. Information about the course will be briefly outlined, and examples of some of the DVD material given by a number of leading international Christian scientists and theologians, will be presented by Peter Barry, with time available for discussion. The contributors to the DVD include people such as Rev Dr John Polkinghorne, Dr Francis Collins, Professor John Bryant, Professor Simon Conway Morris, Professor Katherine Blundell, Professor Alister McGrath, Dr Denis Alexander and many others.

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