Lord of all creation

Lord of all creation
Emeritus Professor Ken Campbell FAA, December 2014


Emeritus Professor Ken Campbell FAA
Ken Campbell is Emeritus Professor of Geology, Australian National University, and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, who lives in retirement in Canberra. He is a Fellow of ISCAST.



The popular view of evolution of life is the neo‑Darwinist concept of natural selection. Most lay people think of evolution as a result of organisms adapting to random chance environmental changes. Modern discoveries emphasised modification of genetic processes by what is known as gene regulation, as major processes in evolution. This permits new developments in organic design, and these designs are sorted by natural selection. Palaeontology provides some evidence of the temporal changes from the early development of life with the simplest cells (prokaryotes) to new cells with complex reproduction (eukaryotes), through various genetic changes to the appearance of invertebrates and vertebrates, through fishes, amphibian, reptile and mammals to humans. For Christians this orderly progression in the midst of biological chaos, implies the handiwork of the Creator God from the beginning of Creation.


Key Words

primitive life, timescale, gene‑regulation, organic order

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