2013-02-16 'Fire In The Belly' with Mick Pope


'Fire in the Belly' with Mick Pope

Date: 16 February 2013

Time: 6:30pm (meal - bring something to share), 7:30pm (discussion)

Venue: 2a Barloa Rd, Mont Albert, Victoria




Divine Disclosure in an emerging universe

Meaning, purpose and ethics have no place in a reductionist universe, so some secular scientists have turned to emergence to explain these concepts without appeal to the divine. However, the concept of emergence is perfectly consistent with the immanent trinity bringing the universe to a point where it is aware of and able to respond to the divine.

Dr Mick Pope is an ISCAST fellow and meteorologist, with degrees in mathematics, physics, meteorology and theology. His theological interests include ecotheology, evolution and teleology.

Location: At the home of Jillian and John Quartel, 2a Barloa Rd, Mont Albert,98985493, 6.30pm (meal - bring something to share), 7.30pm discussion.




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