Evolution: still a theory in crisis - book review

A review of Michael Denton's book
'Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis"
Will Jones, July 2016


Will Jones is a mathematics graduate with a PhD in philosophy who is involved with two social theology projects in the UK.




Michael Denton is a biochemist who has some questions for Darwinian evolution. Many of those who work in the field of evolutionary developmental biology, he notes, have started to question whether Darwin’s theory really does hold all the answers for the traits they are studying. There is no doubt, of course, about natural selection, or common descent over millions of years, or the progressive emergence of higher and more complex forms of life. Those are beyond question. But Darwin’s explanation for how the novel characteristics of organisms emerge – gradually, through numerous slight successive beneficial adaptations – is very specific, and may not provide the best explanation for many of the most important characteristics of biological life.

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