Mind, brain and free will - book review

A review of Richard Swinburne's book
'Mind, Brain & Free Will'
Andrew Wood, April 2016



Andrew Wood is a biophysicist who is currently with the School of Health Sciences at Swinburne University in Melbourne. He has taught many aspects of Biomedical Instrumentation over many years. He worships at St Stephen’s Anglican Church in Greythorn, North Balwyn.


Richard Swinburne, who was until 2002 Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion at Oxford University and is a Fellow of the British Academy, has examined several important issues at the intersection of contemporary neuroscience with personhood. This book follows on from several well-selling books, such as Is there a God? and Was Jesus God?, representing significant contributions to the ‘natural theology’ approach to apologetics (that is, using reason rather than appealing to revelation or personal experience).


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