ISCAST journal seeks a new editor

The ISCAST journal Christian Perspectives on Science and Technology is in need of a voluntary editor (or co-editors). 

CPOSAT is a serious journal and the role of editor is an important one. Do you know anyone who might fit the bill? 

Videos of Faraday courses available

Videos of Faraday courses, lectures and seminars are available from and on iTunes U, as well as on the Faraday web site

Wading through the chemical soup: how science can miss the point

There's been a bit of activity of late surrounding popular concerns over chemicals and their proliferation in our lives.

Unfortunately, scientists and their science communicator brethren have made a dog's breakfast of trying to bring a bit of light and clarity to the discussion.


Science and Belief - Models

...[Prof. Tom] McLeish’s task was to set the scene for the week, exploring the relationship between science and religion. He spent much of the time looking at two questions: ‘What is science?’ and ‘What is religion?’

The main point of his talk was that the problem with the science and religion dialogue can be found in the word ‘and’. When we use the phrase ‘science and religion’, are we setting up a separation between the two that is not necessary? What do we mean when we relate the two together?


Event: Myth or Truth?

Myth or Truth?

Friday 8th August - 12:30-1:15pm, Donkey Wheel House (673 Bourke St)

Be part of the audience of Logos Live, a radio show recorded in the CBD, where you can ask your questions and work out truth from myth. Has science buried God? with Prof John Lennox (Professor of Mathematics, Oxford University)

Event: Cosmic Chemistry: do science and God mix?

Cosmic Chemistry: do science and God mix?

Friday 8th August: 7:00 – 9:00pm Melbourne City Conference Centre (333 Swanston St)

What do scientists make of Genesis? Do you like to wrestle with ideas of faith and scientific claims? Don't miss Oxford University Professor of Mathematics John Lennox as he distills the turbulent debate about science and faith in God. A cosmic event for the skeptically minded, the scientifically curious and the believer who likes to wrestle with questions of science and belief. Prof John Lennox will speak followed by a discussion with moderator Rafael Epstein (774 ABC Melbourne), there will be opportunity for questions from the audience.

Event: Rediscovering the Spiritual in God's Creation

Date: March 2015

Venue: Serafino McLaren Vale (McLaren Vale, SA)

The international conference, Rediscovering the Spiritual in God's Creation, is being hosted by Tabor Adelaide...

Agriculture and Theology project


How rural communities are affected by climate change and peak oil. What will be the future? 


Climate change is a major issue for this century with significant impact on the future of the countryside. The first part of this paper considers the expected impacts of climate change on rural communities in the UK and the contribution that these communities make to climate change. Climate change is complex and interacts with many other factors...

Conflict? What conflict? - Science, Religion and the Conflict Myth

Brunswick Uniting Church invites you to join the conversation

Thursday 17 July, 7.30pm: Science and Christianity: a crucial conversation

Thursday 31 July, 7.30pm: Science and Christianity: unravelling the Conflict Myth

Presented by Chris Mulherin

Anglican EcoCare Journal - Papers on Environment & Spirituality

The Anglican EcoCare Journal is an Australian, peer-reviewed journal presenting an environmental contribution to theology and are currently calling for papers.

This journal will be published in September 2014 by the Anglican EcoCare Commission, an entity of the Diocese of Perth and will be available in both print and electronic form.

All papers for the first edition must be received by 16 July 2014


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