EPO fundraising target for 2014 reached

Dear Members and Friends of ISCAST,

Your response to my last email asking that we "blitz" the target to raise $35k in order to pay Chris Mulherin's salary as the ISCAST Executive Project Officer has been breathtaking. Thank you all so much.

We have now achieved the target and are well placed to continue his employment with us next year.

Event: Spirituality and Mental Health Conference - Hong Kong

ISCAST Fellow Michael Wong will be speaking at the "Spirituality and Mental Health Conference" in Hong Kong in January 2015. He will be one of the keynote speakers. His topic will be "The Role of Hermeneutics in the Dialogue Between Psychiatry and Spirituality".

Through Michael, ISCAST is pleased to support the conference run by the Alliance Holistic Care Centre (

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Resiting the goal-posts: a new direction in science-faith dialogue.

Resiting the goal-posts: a new direction in science-faith dialogue.

A review of Tom McLeish's book, Faith and Wisdom in Science

Alan Gijsbers, December 2014



Australians unsure on how to engage with science and technology

Dr Suzette Searle, from the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, designed a survey to investigate how Australians engage with science and technology. It showed that the majority of Australians have positive attitudes towards both science and technology but are not always clear on the details.

What Can Evolutionary Biology Learn From Creationists?

You might expect a professional evolutionary biologist like myself to claim that my discipline has nothing to learn from creationists. And I certainly do find all flavors of evolution-denialism sadly misguided. But I also find it reasonable to assume that any serious and dedicated critic should uncover something interesting about the object of their obsession. I’m not talking about passing trolls here. I’m talking about earnest and sometimes talented people whose sincerely held anti-evolution convictions do not preclude engagement, and who invest a lot of time thinking about evolution from an unconventional perspective...

Did Someone Say Science?

ISCAST alumni Jayde Lovell has launched a YouTube show and blog, titled 'Did Someone Say Science', aiming to demystify and explain science issues in the public domain. Based from the YouTube studio in New York City, the show spans topics from chemicals in the environment, to the role of science in politics, to the development of human-like artificial intelligence. Produced by filmmaker Bec Susan Gill, the overall aim of the show is to make science accessible and interesting.

Electromagnetic force hasn't changed in 10 billion years

Astronomers using three of the world's most powerful telescopes say they've found no change in one of nature's fundamental forces over the past 10 billion years.


ABC report:

Published study:

James Gregory Lectures podcast

We have just launched a podcast for our series of James Gregory Lectures ( These include lectures on science and religion from such figures as John Polkinghorne, N.T. Wright, David Wilkinson, John Humphreys, Denis Alexander, Keith Ward, Ken Miller, Pauline Rudd.... and there will be many more to come.

Scientists turn to Pope Francis and world’s religions to save the planet

Forget past arguments over Darwin or Galileo – scientists set sights on unlikely alliance with the world’s religious leaders to combat climate change.

It has been one of the most fraught relationships of recent centuries, at least in the popular imagination.
But a group of scientists are pinning their hopes for the salvation of the planet, in the face of climate change and habitat destruction - on religion.

In the Beginning Was Laughter

What does joy look like, and from where does it come?

We tend to think about what God is like in relation to us. God is love because he loves us despite our sin. God can be angry because he hates to see sin destroy the people he created. But are God’s so-called emotions entirely dependent on us and what we do? Does not God have a life within himself? Of course. In Proverbs 8—a passage that extols wisdom—we see a surprising picture of what was going on within the Trinity before sin ever entered the world.


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