Why science needs metaphysics

Technology cannot keep pace with theoretical predictions about subatomic reality coming from physics. The same applies to our ability to observe the far reaches of the universe.



We asked 12 scientists how their faith affects their work

Twelve scientists reflect on how faith influences their work.




Nature's witness: how science inspires faith

Nature's witness: how science inspires faith

A TEDxEdina talk by Daniel Harrell


Modern science's Christian sources

Modern science's Christian sources: exploding the persistant myth that Christianity impeded the growth of science / by James Hannam


The Cathedral of Computation

We're not living in an algorithmic culture so much as a computational theocracy.




Order, chaos, and creation

Order, chaos, and creation - Tom McLeish on the creation stories in Job

Simon Smart interviews Tom McLeish


Winston Churchill and COP21

Winston Churchill reflections on the dawn of the atomic era.
Comments and reflections by ISCAST Fellow Ian Hore-Lacy




In Memoriam: Ian Graeme Barbour (1923-2013)

Ted Peters reflects on the life of Ian Barbour.


The future of war

US strategist P W Singer on the future of 21st century warfare.




Technology and the church

Technology and the church explored in the latest issue of God and Nature magazine.




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