Temple theology and creation

Temple theology and creation
Gregory Jacobs SJ, January 2013



(Fr) Gregory Jacobs SJ, MTS, GradDipArts (HPS), GradDipEd, BSc, BTheol is an Australian Jesuit priest who has worked in school and parish ministry. He is currently doing further study in Edinburgh in Master of Science (Science and Religion). Academic interests are in the field of the Human Person, Evolution, and the role of the Catholic Church in science/theology dialogue.



The modern scientific method of reductionism does not always work when we investigate creation stories. Here science is not so much the common tool, or the most useful instrument. When we begin to examine the language of the Genesis creation story with that of the tabernacle and temple language of the early Israelite community we gain a clearer sense of what they might have understood about God’s place in creation, and our role to maintain that unity of creation with theology.


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