On prophets, kings, priests and counsellors

On prophets, kings, priests and counsellors
Richard Gijsbers, December 2010.





Richard Gijsbers, formerly a forester involved in policy development and planning; currently a consultant assisting organisations with strategic development and information management. A Fellow of ISCAST.



The church is putting much effort into developing a theology of the environment. This is in response to concerns about challenges such as deforestation and global warming, and the realisation that the church needs to add its voice with that of others to express their concern and to contribute to addressing these problems.

I argue that there are at least four roles that the church can play in taking up this responsibility and that we cannot focus on just one. These roles are: prophets, priests, kings and counsellors. I briefly describe each role and exhort Christians
to understand the role they play and to exercise it with care and responsibility.

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