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The August issue of the ISCAST Digest is now available to download. The Digest is full of fascinating stories and resources.

Download Volume 10, Issue 3

Resources from Rev. Dr Mark Worthing's ISCAST NSW lecture at New College (UNSW) on Tuesday 5th June 2018 at 7.30pm are now available. 

Professor Paula Hammond is head of the top-ranked chemical engineering department in the world, located at the top university in the world, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In an episode entitled "Can a scientist believe?" ABC TV's religious program Compass featured footage of ISCAST's recent COSAC conference as well as interviews with ISCAST people. 

These videos were live-streamed on the ISCAST Facebook page during COSAC 2018. Please see below for the videos and check back as more are loaded.

"Religion is not going away any time soon, and science will not destroy it. If anything, it is science that is subject to increasing threats to its authority and social legitimacy. Given this, science needs all the friends it can get. Its advocates would be well advised to stop fabricating an enemy out of religion, or insisting that the only path to a secure future lies in a marriage of science and secularism."