A review of Nick Spencer's book
The Evolution of the West: How Christianity Has Shaped Our Values
Ian Harper, February 2017

A review of Michael Denton's book
'Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis"
Will Jones, July 2016


Will Jones is a mathematics graduate with a PhD in philosophy who is involved with two social theology projects in the UK.


A review of Richard Swinburne's book
'Mind, Brain & Free Will'
Andrew Wood, April 2016



A review of David Wilkinson's book
'When I pray, what does God do?'
John Pilbrow, January 2016




A review of 
'An Ecomodernist Manifesto'
Ian Hore-Lacy, April 2015
The Ecomodernist Manifesto was written by 18 ecologists and presents a Third Way of addressing the environmental challenges of the present and future.
A review of Tom McLeish's book
'Faith and Wisdom in Science' 
Alan Gijsbers, December 2014


Review of Nicola Hoggard-Creegan's book  
'Animal suffering and the problem of evil' 
Murray Hogg, November 2014.



Review of Sir John Houghton's book 'In the Eye of the Storm'
John Pilbrow, August 2014.




Review of J Wanliss' book 'Resisting the Green Dragon: dominion, not death'
Ian Hore-Lacy, December 2013.




Review of John Cowburn SJ's book 'Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: A selective summary of his life'
Mark Worthing, July 2013.




Review of the RJ Berry's book 'The Lion Handbook of Science & Christianity'

Ian Hore-Lacy, May 2013.



Review of the Centre for Public Christianity's DVD 'God, science: creation, Darwin and the end of faith'
John Pilbrow, February 2013.




Review of Alister McGrath's book 'Science & Religion: a new introduction'
Colin Goodwin, February 2013.




Review of Peter Harrison's book 'The Cambridge companion to science and religion'
John Pilbrow, February 2013.




Review of Antony Flew's book 'There is a God: how the world’s most notorious atheist changed his mind'

John Pilbrow, February 2013



Review of Monica Weis SSJ's book 'The environmental vision of Thomas Merton'
Gregory Jacobs, December 2012



Review of Phillip Pattemore's book 'Am I my keeper’s brother?'
Jonathan Clarke, January 2012



Front CoverReview of Nancey Murphy's book 'Theology in the age of scientific reasoning (Cornell Studies in the Philosophy of Religion)'
Murray Hogg, June 2011



Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies?Review of Nancey Murphy's book 'Bodies and souls, or spirited bodies'
John Pilbrow, June 2011



The Passionate Intellect: Christian Faith and the Discipleship of the MindReview of Alister McGrath's book 'The passionate intellect: Christian faith and the discipleship of the mind'
James Garth, August 2011


Review of Darwin and Evolution - Interfaith Perspectives: Interface 12/1&2
Charles Sherlock, May 2011




Review of P W Singer's book 'Wired for war: The robotics revolution and conflict in the 21st century'
James Garth, March 2011


Review of Bradley Monton's book 'Seeking God in Science: an atheist defends Intelligent Design'
Murray Hogg, December 2010.

Review of "The Faraday Papers" (various authors)
Ian Hore-Lacy, August 2010.


Review of Robert White (ed.) book 'Creation in crisis: Christian perspectives on sustainability'
Ian Hore-Lacy, July 2010.


Review of George Vaillant's book 'Spiritual evolution: how we are wired for faith, hope and love'
Alan Gijsbers, June 2010.


Review of Ken Miller's book 'Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul'
Alan Gijsbers, June 2010.

Review of Michael Poole's book 'The New Atheism: 10 Arguments that Don't Hold Water'
Bruce Craven, May 2010.


Review of Michel Onfray's book 'The Atheist Manifesto'
James Garth, March 2010.


Review of David Myers' book 'A Friendly Letter to Skeptics and Atheists'
James Garth, October 2009.


Review of Simon Conway Morris' book 'Life's Solution: Inevitable Humans In A Lonely Universe'
Robert Stening, June 2009.


Review of Denis Alexander's book 'Creation or Evolution: Do We Have To Choose?'
David Marlow, June 2009.


Review of Alister McGrath's lecture 'The Bankruptcy of Scientific Atheism'
James Garth, September 2007.


Review of Keith Ward's book 'Why There Almost Certainly Is A God'
James Garth, May 2009.


Review of Francis Collins' book 'The Language of God'
Ian Hore-Lacy, March 2009.


Review of Stephen Godfrey & Christopher Smith's book 'Paradigms on Pilgrimage - creationism, palaeontology and Biblical interpretation'    Ian Hore-Lacy, February 2009.


Review of Colin A Russell's book 'Saving Planet Earth: A Christian Response'
Ian Hore-Lacy, February 2009.


Review of David Robertson's book 'The Dawkins Letters: Challenging Atheist Myths'
James Garth, February 2009.


Review of George Ellis Backhouse lecture, ‘Faith Hope and Doubt in times of uncertainty'
Alan Gijsbers, January 2008.


Review of Peter Harrison's book, The Bible, Protestantism and the Rise of Natural Science
Allan John Day, April 2003.


Review of Denis Alexander's book Rebuilding the Matrix: Science and Faith in the 21st Century
Allan John Day, April 2003.




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