What is Real? Seeking realities in understanding faith

What is Real? Seeking realities in understanding faith: Astronomy, astrology and the Kingdom of Heaven
Merrill Kitchen, August 2008.




Principal, Churches of Christ Theological College, Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia


Theological reflection and scientific understanding have been partners in the journey that searches for transcendental meaning in the context of human life experience. In the midst of earthly uncertainties, the observed continuity of cosmic realities has provided religious and philosophical frameworks of understanding from ancient times to the present day. Light and darkness, day and night, sun and moon, the transport of stars, the seasons, the weeks, the months and the years have been seen as emanating from the Divine. Zodiacs on the floors of recently excavated ancient synagogues were clearly important in some expressions of early Formative Judaism. Some Jewish scholars attribute it to Christian contamination. What is real in all of this? Where does careful scientific observation inform healthy faith understanding about concepts such as the ‘kingdom of heaven’?

Key words

Kingdom of heaven, ancient astronomy, Gospel of Matthew, synagogue

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