The Bible as Communication

The Bible as Communication
W Grainge Clarke, December 2007.




W Grainge Clarke BSc(Hons) BEd MA DipRE MACE is a retired senior lecturer in science.


During the protracted arguments over evolution and scripture, little attention has been paid to the limitations that human concepts and language have placed on what information could have been revealed to human beings at different stages of their history and what actions were necessary on God’s part to enable the basic message of sin and salvation to be communicated. Likewise, those who claim that the Bible gives a complete account of creation need to consider how this technical data could have been transmitted to the writer of Genesis. This paper argues that such technical information was irrelevant to God’s purposes and if transmitted at that time, would have obscured the purpose of the Scriptural revelation.

Key words

Evolution, communication, concepts, information, inerrancy, infallibility, revelation, salvation, Scripture.

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