Stewardship of the rural environment

Stewardship of the rural environment: care, use, enjoy - and rest!
Ross Macmillan, November 2009.




Ross Macmillan is a Senior Fellow in Agricultural Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Melbourne and an ISCAST Fellow.



The early chapters of Genesis present a theology of creation and provide humans with the authority for its care, use, enjoyment and for rest. These themes help to define the concept of stewardship with the associated responsibility which humans have for the earth, for its creatures and for each other. Our failure to care for creation and in particular the rural environment is identified as the result not only of human sin but also of technical ignorance. Our experience and the examples given suggest that our continued use of the rural environment is only likely to be care-full if it is based on a productive system which can justify the cost of a continuing program of research to eliminate the damaging inputs and a
willingness to pay for the real costs of the production of our food and fibre. This subject is important because it is fundamental to life on earth, because the rural environment and our agricultural industries are obviously suffering from our lack of care and because this failure will continue to affect all of society.

Key words

Creation, care, use, enjoy, rest, stewardship, earth, rural environment, agricultrure.


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It is our responsibility to

It is our responsibility to take charge of what God has given us. The earth is our home and everyone of us must take care of it. From the bodies of water to air, from the forest to the agricultural farms where we get the raw material for our everyday living. I feel so sad that amidst the intensive heat that we can feel due to global warming, there are still this people who don't care of what's happening to our environment.



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