Fellows of ISCAST

 Fellows of ISCAST are those who subscribe to ISCAST’s Vision, Mission and Core Values and have qualifications and experience usually in the form of:

  • a higher degree
  • commercial, industrial or professional experience (or research work) in one or more fields related to the aims of ISCAST
  • teaching experience in one or more fields related to the aims of ISCAST.
Fellows of ISCAST seek to integrate a view of the world as revealed in the Bible with a view of the world as discovered by science. Our fundamental belief is that these are complementary and the challenge is to understand both in this light.

Distinguished Fellows of ISCAST

Distinguished Fellows of ISCAST are internationally recognised academics and professionals who are committed to the complementarity of Christianity and science. They are supportive of the aims of the Institute and ISCAST is grateful for their support and contribution.

Prof. Graeme Clark AC FAA FRS

Australian medical and engineering researcher, and inventor of the bionic ear. [View profile]



Prof. Ken Freeman FAA FRS
Australian astronomer, dark matter pioneer. [Download profile]



Prof. Tom McLeish FInstP FRS

Professor of Physics, Durham University [View profile]



Fellows of ISCAST



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