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On the Fixity and Fluidity of Species
Presented by Brian Edgar at the ISCAST Vic Intensive 2010


Prof David Cohen:  ISCAST (NSW) / CASE Meeting 
Date: 18 October, 2010
Venue: New College, University of NSW


Dr Ian McFarlane:  ISCAST (NSW) / CASE Meeting 
Date: 23 August, 2010
Venue: Main Meeting Room, New College, NSW


Prof Darrel Falk:  ISCAST (NSW) / CASE Meeting 
Date: 15 June, 2006
Venue: Christ Church Anglican, St Ives, NSW


Dr. Graeme Finlay:  ISCAST (NSW) - CASE Lecture 
Date: 17 September, 2009
Venue: New College, University of NSW



Science, Religion and the Origin of Species

Darwinism, Creationism, Intelligent Design & Theistic Evolution
Ted Peters & Martinez Hewlett, June 2007


Prof. Richard Colling - ISCAST (NSW) Lecture
Date: 23 July, 2008
Venue: Holy Trinity Anglican Church Hall, Kingsford



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"The most persistant misapprehension about God and creation, however, is that the knowledge of causal mechanism automatically excludes any possibility that God is acting in a particular situation."




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