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Lord of all creation
Emeritus Professor Ken Campbell FAA, December 2014

953432Doppelganger planet: Astrobiology and contrasting Christian and transhumanist eschatologies
Jonathan Clarke, May 2011


Exploring Questions of Origins
James Garth, April 2010.


Understanding and Teaching Intelligent Design
Brian Edgar, October 2009.


Evolution—a short guide for the perplexed
Bruce Craven, October 2008


Helen Joynt, September 2008.


What does Genesis tell us?
Bruce Craven, June 2008.


Intelligent Design: Good Science? Good Theology? Or...?
Allan John Day, November 2005.


Practising Science in a Secular Society
Alan Gijsbers, October 2005.


Intelligent design has no place in science classes
Richard G Colling, August 2005.


The Genesis of Everything: An historical account of the Bible’s opening chapter
John P Dickson, March 2008.


The Bible as Communication
W Grainge Clarke, December 2007.



God's Statistical Universe
Robert J Stening, September 2006



Wrong fight, wrong concepts, wrong everything.
W Grainge Clarke, April 2006


Adam, Anthropology and the Genesis Record: taking genesis seriously in the light of contemporary science.

Allan John Day, January 2000


Genesis 1–3: Science? History? Theology?
J A Thompson, September 1996




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"The most persistant misapprehension about God and creation, however, is that the knowledge of causal mechanism automatically excludes any possibility that God is acting in a particular situation."




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