Videos from COSAC 2018

These videos were live-streamed on the ISCAST Facebook page during COSAC 2018. Please see below for the videos and check back as more are loaded.


Tom Aechtner: Teaching warfare: The perpetuation of science-religion conflict in modern university textbooks


Sarah Beattie: From Eden to interstellar space: Radical departures form the familiar, to reality at the boundaries of the thinkable 


Cosimo Chiera and Thomas Edwards: The mathematics of forgiveness


Jonathan Clarke: A sense of total depravity: Secular responses to exploring the 'final frontier'


Denise Cooper-Clarke: Living with 'assisted dying': An introduction to the issues and ethics of voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide in Australia 


Robert Martin: Apologetics in a post-everything age (starts 0:00:00)
Ian Barns: The anthropocene era in a Trinitarian frame: Reflections on Clive Hamilton's Defiant Earth (starts 30:00:00)
Luke Barnes: A fortunate universe: Fine tuned for life? (starts 1:00:00)