COSAC 2005 Proceedings

COSAC 2005 (Conference on Science and Christianity)

Burgmann College, ANU, Canberra 15th-17th July 2005

Speaker: Professor George F R Ellis (Conference)
Start Date: 15 July, 2005
Venue: Burgmann College, Australian National University, Canberra

Over the weekend of 15 to 17 July 2005, a group of us met to explore with Professor George FR Ellis, one of the world's most distinguished cosmologists, Cosmology and Chritianity. In this, the hundredth year of Einstein's papers on relativity, Professor George F.R. Ellis, together with distinguished Australian scientists from ISCAST and evangelical Christians in ministry, explored the importance of cosmological and other scientific ideas in the context of Christian faith, plus the importance of science to the gospel.

George F.R. Ellis' recent cosmological work focuses on the questions of when (or if) the universe began and whether there is one universe or many. In addition, he is passionately interested in the idea that the rational mind is formed in the emotional mind.

Professor Ellis has advocated balancing the rationality of evidence-based science with faith and hope, a view shaped in part by his firsthand experiences in South Africa as it peacefully transformed from apartheid to multi-racial democracy without racial civil war. Ellis describes that history as a "confounding of the calculus of reality" that can only be explained as the causal effect of forces beyond the explanation of hard science, including issues such as aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics, and meaning.

"Self-sacrificing love" (according to Ellis) "is the true nature of morality".

Attached here are the presentations Prof. Ellis spoke to and the papers presented by the other speakers at the conference including:

John Pilbrow
Emeritus Professor of Physics, Monash University
Andrew Sloane
Lecturer in Old Testament and Christian Thought, Morling Theological College
Robert Stening
Visiting Associate Professor, School of Physics, UNSW
Einstein and his Religion
Marcus Reeves
Ministry Team Crossroads Church
Is Contemporary Science Irrelevant to the Gospel?
Prof George Ellis
Dept. Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, Univ of Cape Town, South Africa
The Present State of the Science and Religion Debate
Cosmology-Theology-Ethics Part I
Cosmology-Theology-Ethics Part II
The Nature of Emergent Complexity

An extensive writeup of COSAC 2005 can be found in Issue 47 of the ISCAST Bulletin.
COSAC was made possible through supportive funding from the John Templeton Foundation.




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