Doppelganger planet: Astrobiology and contrasting Christian and transhumanist eschatologies

953432Doppelganger planet: Astrobiology and contrasting Christian and transhumanist eschatologies
Jonathan Clarke, May 2011




Jonathan Clarke is a Geologist and Mars researcher who lives and works in Canberra. He is a Director and Fellow of ISCAST, and worships at St. Matthews Anglican Church, Wanniassa, ACT.



Two of the great questions in space science and astronomy are: ‘Is there life beyond Earth?’ and: ‘Are we alone?’. The first question is the province of Astrobiology, the science of life in the universe of which we so far have one example. The second is the subject of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (abbreviated to SETI). Both have been speculated about since the ancient Greeks, and more recently been the subject of scientific research. Both astrobiology and SETI raise fascinating philosophical and theological questions, for example, Graham Phillips of Monash University and presenter on the ABC Catalyst program wrote an article in The Age on the 3rd of October 2010 regarding the challenges they could raise for optimistic views about the material future of humanity.


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