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A review of Nick Spencer's book
The Evolution of the West: How Christianity Has Shaped Our Values
Ian Harper, February 2017

Christian Voices in the Environment Debate
Richard W. Gijsbers, November 2016



A review of Michael Denton's book
'Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis"
Will Jones, July 2016


Will Jones is a mathematics graduate with a PhD in philosophy who is involved with two social theology projects in the UK.


A review of Richard Swinburne's book
'Mind, Brain & Free Will'
Andrew Wood, April 2016



Seeking sustainability – an example from Australian agriculture
Ross H Macmillan, March 2016



Contextual Approaches in the Dialogue between Theology and Science and their Implications for Understanding the Development of Doctrine
Edwin El-Mahassni, March 2016.


A review of David Wilkinson's book
'When I pray, what does God do?'
John Pilbrow, January 2016




The presupposition of science-based atheism
Jonathan M. Hanes, November 2015




Do we have a 'God Spot'? Is our faith determined by our brain architecture?
Andrew Wood, October 2015.

ISCAST Board Devotional 26 May 2015

Peter Eyland, May 2015.



A review of 
'An Ecomodernist Manifesto'
Ian Hore-Lacy, April 2015
The Ecomodernist Manifesto was written by 18 ecologists and presents a Third Way of addressing the environmental challenges of the present and future.
Lord of all creation
Emeritus Professor Ken Campbell FAA, December 2014
A review of Tom McLeish's book
'Faith and Wisdom in Science' 
Alan Gijsbers, December 2014


The prophets, the kingdom of God, and global warming
George Emeleus, December 2014
Review of Nicola Hoggard-Creegan's book  
'Animal suffering and the problem of evil' 
Murray Hogg, November 2014.


Neuroimaging, the sense of self and the sense of God
Andrew Wood, November 2014.



The way of the snake and the dove – a way forward for ISCAST
Jonathan Clarke, November 2014
What’s theology got to do with coal seam gas?
Chris Dalton, November 2014


Evangelical fundamentalists and the science of climate change
Sidney L Green, October 2014.

The Christian challenge of our time: the conversation with science
Chris Mulherin, August 2014
Seeking sustainability
Ross Macmillan, August 2014.
Dominion over nature — Is traditional Christianity really the eco-villain?
Robert Brennan, August 2014.

Review of Sir John Houghton's book 'In the Eye of the Storm'
John Pilbrow, August 2014.




Science and God's Future
Graham Buxton, June 2014.


  • Allan Day on the science-faith interface (by John Pilbrow)
  • Reflections on the legacy of Allan Day in bioethics (by Denise Cooper-Clarke)
  • Allan, anthropology and the human person (by Alan Gijsbers)

May 2014

FAQs about climate change

Chris Mulherin, March 2014

Divine disclosure in the modern scientific age: towards clarifying the question.
EC Thompson, March 2014

The sense of an ending
Sydney L Green, January 2014.            


Richard Dawkins, science and the meaning of life
Fergus McGinley, January 2014


Opportunities offered by the national science curriculum for exploring the relationship between science and faith
Juhani Tuovinen, December 2013


Review of J Wanliss' book 'Resisting the Green Dragon: dominion, not death'
Ian Hore-Lacy, December 2013.




Reason or religious affections — a false dichotomy in divine revelation as a legacy of the early modern construction of divine agency in the world
Robert Brennan, October 2013.


Review of John Cowburn SJ's book 'Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: A selective summary of his life'
Mark Worthing, July 2013.




The importance of realism in assessing technological possibilities: The role of Christian thinking
Gareth Jones, June 2013.


Review of the RJ Berry's book 'The Lion Handbook of Science & Christianity'

Ian Hore-Lacy, May 2013.



Can the computer be a substitute for humanity?
Mark Worthing, May 2013


On why we should agree with contemporary atheists — or why a generic god does not exist
Robert Brennan, May 2013


Review of the Centre for Public Christianity's DVD 'God, science: creation, Darwin and the end of faith'
John Pilbrow, February 2013.




Review of Alister McGrath's book 'Science & Religion: a new introduction'
Colin Goodwin, February 2013.




Review of Peter Harrison's book 'The Cambridge companion to science and religion'
John Pilbrow, February 2013.




Review of Antony Flew's book 'There is a God: how the world’s most notorious atheist changed his mind'

John Pilbrow, February 2013



Work on human genome strengthened faith

John Pilbrow, February 2013



‘Fine tuning’ explored within a Christian understanding of reality
John Pilbrow, February 2013

Christianity, science and rumours of divorce
Chris Mulherin, January 2013



Temple theology and creation
Gregory Jacobs SJ, January 2013


Science as ideology betrays its purpose
Chris Mulherin, January 2013



798270 Quantum uncertainty and the action of God
John Pilbrow, January 2013


Review of Monica Weis SSJ's book 'The environmental vision of Thomas Merton'
Gregory Jacobs, December 2012



Creatio ex ethica or the ethical cause of our universe: a brief account
 J Rice, October 2012.


The Enlightenment and Joseph Priestley’s disenchantment with science and religion
Kevin de Berg, June 2012


1254880The cognitive science of religion and Christian faith: some preliminary considerations
Jonathan Jong, June 2012

798270Children of God: the awkward teenage years
Michael Smith, April 2012

954634Reading Scripture badly: the technological threat to biblical literacy
Murray Hogg, February 2012


425154Reflections on the Christian mind
Alan Gijsbers, February 2012


191283I am tired, therefore who cares? Disenchantment in the age of information overload 
Murray Hogg, February 2012

Working hypotheses in science
Bruce Craven, January 2012




Review of Phillip Pattemore's book 'Am I my keeper’s brother?'
Jonathan Clarke, January 2012



832881From where I stand: a personal story about medicine and science
Alan Gijsbers, January 2012


223078What doubt is reasonable?
Bruce Craven, December 2011

Neuroscience, addiction and the gospel
Alan Gijsbers, November 2011

Front CoverReview of Nancey Murphy's book 'Theology in the age of scientific reasoning (Cornell Studies in the Philosophy of Religion)'
Murray Hogg, June 2011



Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies?Review of Nancey Murphy's book 'Bodies and souls, or spirited bodies'
John Pilbrow, June 2011



Murray Hogg
October, 2011

1242968Who Am I?
Alan Gijsbers, August 2011


The Passionate Intellect: Christian Faith and the Discipleship of the MindReview of Alister McGrath's book 'The passionate intellect: Christian faith and the discipleship of the mind'
James Garth, August 2011


764853Science and Faith
Alan Gijsbers, August 2011



Towards a post-modern apologetic
Alan Gijsbers, August 2011


1189123Putting Faith to the Test
James Garth, July 2011


Review of Darwin and Evolution - Interfaith Perspectives: Interface 12/1&2
Charles Sherlock, May 2011




953432Doppelganger planet: Astrobiology and contrasting Christian and transhumanist eschatologies
Jonathan Clarke, May 2011


Review of P W Singer's book 'Wired for war: The robotics revolution and conflict in the 21st century'
James Garth, March 2011


Leviathan: A reflection on ‘natural evil’ and the goodness of creation
Jonathan Clarke, March 2011

Review of Bradley Monton's book 'Seeking God in Science: an atheist defends Intelligent Design'
Murray Hogg, December 2010.

How to read the Bible in the 21st century
Frank O'Dea, December 2010.


On prophets, kings, priests and counsellors
Richard Gijsbers, December 2010.


God and Creation
Peter Barry, September 2010


Review of "The Faraday Papers" (various authors)
Ian Hore-Lacy, August 2010.


Review of Robert White (ed.) book 'Creation in crisis: Christian perspectives on sustainability'
Ian Hore-Lacy, July 2010.


Calvin and the Natural Order: Positives and problems for science-faith dialogue
Brian Edgar, July 2010.

Review of George Vaillant's book 'Spiritual evolution: how we are wired for faith, hope and love'
Alan Gijsbers, June 2010.


Review of Ken Miller's book 'Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul'
Alan Gijsbers, June 2010.

God, persons and machines: theological reflections
Brian Edgar, May 2010.


Review of Michael Poole's book 'The New Atheism: 10 Arguments that Don't Hold Water'
Bruce Craven, May 2010.


How useful is unpredictability?
Bruce Craven, April 2010.


Exploring Questions of Origins
James Garth, April 2010.


Review of Michel Onfray's book 'The Atheist Manifesto'
James Garth, March 2010.


Addressing world needs
Ian Hore-Lacy, December 2009.


Stewardship of the rural environment: care, use, enjoy - and rest!
Ross Macmillan, November 2009.


Review of David Myers' book 'A Friendly Letter to Skeptics and Atheists'
James Garth, October 2009.


Assumptions of Science and the Christian Tradition
Mark Worthing, October 2009.


Understanding and Teaching Intelligent Design
Brian Edgar, October 2009.


History's science lesson for Fielding
Chris Mulherin, August 2009.


The Eureka Moment
James Garth, August 2009. 


Biotheology: Theology, Ethics and the New Biotechnologies
Brian Edgar, July 2009.


Divine action and the problem of miracles
Mark Worthing, July 2009.            


Climate change: problem or opportunity? Understanding climate change in the context of the Gospel
Brian Edgar and Mick Pope, June 2009.


Review of Simon Conway Morris' book 'Life's Solution: Inevitable Humans In A Lonely Universe'
Robert Stening, June 2009.


Review of Denis Alexander's book 'Creation or Evolution: Do We Have To Choose?'
David Marlow, June 2009.


Review of Alister McGrath's lecture 'The Bankruptcy of Scientific Atheism'
James Garth, September 2007.


Review of Keith Ward's book 'Why There Almost Certainly Is A God'
James Garth, May 2009.


Review of Francis Collins' book 'The Language of God'
Ian Hore-Lacy, March 2009.


Review of Stephen Godfrey & Christopher Smith's book 'Paradigms on Pilgrimage - creationism, palaeontology and Biblical interpretation'    Ian Hore-Lacy, February 2009.


Review of Colin A Russell's book 'Saving Planet Earth: A Christian Response'
Ian Hore-Lacy, February 2009.


Review of David Robertson's book 'The Dawkins Letters: Challenging Atheist Myths'
James Garth, February 2009.


I and Thou
Alan Gijsbers, November 2008. 


Alan Gijsbers, November 2008.


Evolution—a short guide for the perplexed
Bruce Craven, October 2008


Seed time and harvest…a reflection
Ross Macmillan, September 2008.


Helen Joynt, September 2008.


The Great Global Warming swindle: a response
Ian Hore-Lacy, July 2007.


Stem Cells (August 2006)
Gregory Pike, September 2006.


What does Genesis tell us?
Bruce Craven, June 2008.


Explanation and Belief
Bruce Craven, April 2008.


Why all the fuss about Stem Cells?
Allan J Day, November 2007.


Ethics in Research
Bruce Craven, December 2006. 


Forests for Beginners: a Primer
Richard Gijsbers, July 2006.


Will the Real 'Soul' Show Itself?
Barry C Newman, July 2006.


Are God's Actions Hidden in Chaos?
Bruce Craven, June 2006.


God in the Midst of Suffering
John W Olley, May 2006.


Intelligent Design: Good Science? Good Theology? Or...?
Allan John Day, November 2005.


Practising Science in a Secular Society
Alan Gijsbers, October 2005.


Intelligent design has no place in science classes
Richard G Colling, August 2005.


Death of Science?
Bruce Craven, November 2003 


What is Real? Seeking realities in understanding faith: Astronomy, astrology and the Kingdom of Heaven
Merrill Kitchen, August 2008.


Reality and Addiction: Neuroscientific and psychological perspectives
Alan Gijsbers, June 2008. 

The Genesis of Everything: An historical account of the Bible’s opening chapter
John P Dickson, March 2008.


The Bible as Communication
W Grainge Clarke, December 2007.



Responding to the Challenge of Climate Change
Richard Gijsbers, September 2007.            


Then a miracle occurs: the blessing and limitations of science A bishop looks at science from the viewpoint of the Christian faith
Robert Forsyth, November 2006.


God's Statistical Universe
Robert J Stening, September 2006



Ethics, Experiments and Embryos: A Christian's Observations on the Embryonic Stem Cell Debate
Brian Edgar, April 2003


Wrong fight, wrong concepts, wrong everything.
W Grainge Clarke, April 2006


Phenomenal Cosmic Power, Itty-bitty Living Space? Reflections on the Incarnation in an Einsteinian Universe
Andrew Sloane, October 2005


Review of George Ellis Backhouse lecture, ‘Faith Hope and Doubt in times of uncertainty'
Alan Gijsbers, January 2008.


Review of Peter Harrison's book, The Bible, Protestantism and the Rise of Natural Science
Allan John Day, April 2003.


Review of Denis Alexander's book Rebuilding the Matrix: Science and Faith in the 21st Century
Allan John Day, April 2003.


Modern Science and Christian Belief Should Be at Peace
Peter H Barry, October 2005


The Impact of Einstein's Relativity on Christian Thought
John R Pilbrow, July 2005


Sex Revolution and Psychosocial Disorder: A Historical Perspective on the Delusion of Medical Neutrality
Robert Trundle & Michael Vossmeyer, June 2005


Christian Views of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (1600-2000): An Alien Concept?
Jennifer Laing, August 2002


Biotechnology and Medical Ethics: Thinking biblically about contemporary medicine
Allan J Day, April 2002


Theological Responses to Contemporary Biology
Allan J Day, March 2002


Cosmology, the Origin of Hierarchy: An Essay Review on the Thought of Max Wildiers
Lawrie Lyons, October 2001


Science and Christian Faith - Conceptions and Misconceptions
Allan J Day, January 2000


Adam, Anthropology and the Genesis Record: taking genesis seriously in the light of contemporary science.

Allan John Day, January 2000


Genesis 1–3: Science? History? Theology?
J A Thompson, September 1996




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