Towards a post-modern apologetic


Towards a post-modern apologetic
Alan Gijsbers, August 2011



Assoc Prof Alan Gijsbers, University of Melbourne, Head Addiction Medicine, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Medical Director, Substance Withdrawal Unit, The Melbourne Clinic, Richmond, National President ISCAST.



I find the current approach to Christian apologetics quite unsatisfactory. ‘Ten reasons why atheists are wrong and I’m right’, smacks both of intellectual arrogance and misunderstands how humans come to conclusions.

A good example of the poverty of the believer’s argument is the frequent statement, that atheism is an inadequate foundation for a coherent ethic. Granted that there may be some difficulty finding a ‘rational basis’ for ethics in atheism, we nevertheless find that there are many very ethical atheists in the debate, and to argue that they are not ethical is quite demeaning and simply wrong. Conversely of course atheists argue that to invoke a deity as a basis for ethics is unsatisfactory, a tit for tat if you like. Thus we have another slanging match from entrenched positions with each side wishing the other side was more open minded and therefore able to be persuaded to the other’s point of view!



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