Tribute to Allan Day

  • Allan Day on the science-faith interface (by John Pilbrow)
  • Reflections on the legacy of Allan Day in bioethics (by Denise Cooper-Clarke)
  • Allan, anthropology and the human person (by Alan Gijsbers)

May 2014



John Pilbrow
Emeritus Professor of Physics, Monash University, and Fellow and former President of ISCAST

Denise Cooper-Clarke
Voluntary researcher with ETHOS (Evangelical Alliance Centre for Christianity and Society), adjunct Lecturer in Ethics at Ridley Melbourne, and tutor in medical ethics at the University of Melbourne.

Alan Gijsbers
Assoc/Prof Gijsbers is a specialist physician in Addiction Medicine, an Honorary Clinical Associate Professor with the Department of Medicine Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne, where he is the Head of the Addiction Medicine Service. He is also Medical Director of the Substance
Withdrawal Unit at the Melbourne Clinic, Richmond. He is also
President of ISCAST.



Emeritus Professor Allan Day, who died recently, was a distinguished physiologist who served as a Professor of Physiology at the University of Melbourne from 1967 to 1998. Allan was not only a leader in the Faith-Science conversation in Australia, but he also brought to the conversation many insights gleaned from attendance at international conferences and through the many significant friendships he made with some of the key players.

Allan had a vision for ISCAST, as a robust organisation of Christians prominent in science and technology, supplemented by broad-based theologians and philosophers. His vision also extended to the management of ISCAST, where his ideas initially bore fruit in Victoria from the late 1990’s and, more recently, at the national level now that ISCAST administration is contracted to the Company, Stockdale ACS.

The following tributes were presented at a meeting of ISCAST Victoria on November 23rd, 2013 by three people who knew Allan well. Their expertise helps shed light on different aspects of Allan’s contributions to Christian thought.

It is the purpose of these three reflections to ensure that Allan Day’s
legacy is not forgotten.


Key Words

truth, complementarity, Big Bang, evolution, intelligent design, order

Allan Day, bioethics, Bible, biotechnology, human embryos, uncertainty, ethics, medical ethics.

Biblical interpretation, pre-history, evolution, fall, complementarity, Homo sapiens, palaeoanthropology, genetics, image of God.


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